Liberation of the peasants in the reign of Emperor Alexander II. Pointer


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  Semenov, Nikolay Petrovich  (1823-1904).    
Liberation of the peasants in the reign of Emperor Alexander II: chronicle of the activity of commissions on peasant business / [] NP Semenova . - St. Petersburg: the publication of Mercury Eleazarovich Komarov, 1889-1892 . - 25 cm
Pointer. - 1893. - VI, 124 p. .
1. Russia. Editorial commissions for the drafting of regulations on peasants emerging from serfdom. 2. Semenov, Nikolai Petrovich (1823 - 1904). "Liberation of peasants in the reign of Emperor Alexander II" - Pointers. 3. Peasant Reform of 1861 (collection). 4. Peasant Reform - Preparation - Russia - 1861.
ББК 63.3 (2) 522-210.6
ББК 63.3 (2) 522-210.6
Preparation of peasant reform. Activities of the Editorial Commissions.\n\nIndex to volumes 1 - 3 of the materials of the Drafting Commissions (1859 - 1860), Consists of three parts: an index to the Regulations on Peasants on February 19, 1861; the index of personal names; the index of subjects, geographical and other names.\n\nThe first index allows you to trace the history of the formation of the Regulations on Peasants at the meetings of the Drafting Commissions.\n\n.
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