Atlas. - [1: 840,000], 200 versts in inch. -Irkutsk: cartographic. Mikheev's institution, 1913. - [4] p., 44 h. kart. ; 22х34. -
App. to: Basic data for studying the climate of Eastern Siberia: with atlas / AV Voznesensky and VB Shostakovich. Irkutsk: Tipo-lit. PI Makushin and VM Posokhin, 1913.
Between L. 29 and l. 30 mistakenly pasted the map of the Irkutsk Military District.
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Natural wealth of Russia (collection). 3. Climate - Siberia Eastern - Maps. 4. Climate maps.
BBK 26.89 (285.4) i64
Source of electronic copy: Irkutsk OGUNB
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Irkutsk OGUNB
Publisher картографич. заведение Михеева
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