Relations between Russians and Mordvos in History and in the Field of Folk Poetry in Connection with the Question of the Origin ...

  Markov, Alexey Vladimirovich  (1877-).    
Relations between the Russians and Mordovia in history and in the field of folk poetry in connection with the question of the origin of the Great Russian tribe: with the application of the evidence of the Persian geographer of the 10th century. about the Burtas and Berdas tribes and the songs of the Russified Mordovians of the Nizhny Novgorod region / AV Markov. - Tiflis: Type. Office of the Governor EI V. in the Caucasus, 1914. - 62 p. : Fax. ; 25 cm. - (Imprint from I book "Izvestia TV Zh.Kursov") Stamp: Moscow Public and Rumyantsev Museum .
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Publisher Тип. Канцелярии Наместника Е. И. В. на Кавказе
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