Report on military engineering activities in the Eastern War of 1877, in the area of ​​operation and location of the Caucasian a...


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      Caucasian army  (1877-1878).
Report on military engineering activities in the Eastern War of 1877, in the region of operation and location of the Caucasian army: Vol. 1-6 . - Tiflis: Type. Ch. Exercise. to the place. Caucasus. , 1878-1881 . - 21 cm
Issue. 5. - 1879. - II, 128 pp., 62 liters. card., plan. - Contents: Cases of the tip of the rubber bridge, which consisted of the 2nd Caucasian Sapper Battalion / Golubyatnikov; Description of building adaptations for hospitals in the area of ​​Tersk Engineering Distance / Jankowski; Construction of a bridge across the river. Bzuju in the mountains. Ozurhetakh / Gerasimov; Construction of barracks at Samtredi station for temporary accommodation of patients transported by rail / Gerasimov; Adaptations for the placement of military-temporary № 20 hospital in Zugdidy m. / Gerasimov; Construction of premises for a military hospital in the village. Tsaishi / Gerasimov; Construction of a bridge on piles through the river. Rion in the m. Orpiri / Gerasimov; Construction of bridges across the river. Inguri at the village. Otobay and Koki / Gerasimov, Klochanov; Description of the Turkish fortified positions at altitudes between cr. Kars and the river Arpachay / Vorontsov; Detailed drawings Erzurum fortress taken from nature in 1878 by officers and conductors of the temporary Erzurum serf Engineering Department .
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ББК 63.3 (2) 522-68
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Издательство Тип. Гл. упр. намест. Кавказ.
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