Essays on people's life


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  Sumtsov, Nikolay Fedorovich  (1854-1922).    
Essays on the people's way of life: (From the ethnographic excursion in 1901 on the Akhtyrsky uyezd of the Kharkov province) / [соч.] Проф. NF Sumtsova. - Kharkov: Tipo-lit. "Pec. Business" book. KN Gagarin, 1902. - [2], 57 p. ; 25 centimeters .
BBC 63.521 (= 411) -73
BBK 63.3 (28-8 Har) 531-752.2
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Издательство Типо-лит. "Печ. дело" кн. К. Н. Гагарина
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