Commemorative book of the Tobolsk province for 1915

A commemorative book of the Tobolsk province for 1915 / edition of the Tobolsk Gubernia. Stat. Com-ta; compiled under the ed. Secret. Comrade Ye. G. Yuferova. - Tobolsk: The lip. a type. : A type. lips. Management, 1915.-158, 75, 29, 16, II p. : tab. -
On the back of the tit. L.: Printed with the permission of the Governor of Tobolsk.
Book Trade of AS Sukhanova. In the city of Tobolsk (exists since 1886). - On the tit. L .: Comparative time indicator; Seasons for 1915
. -750 copies. .
I. Yuferov, E. G. II. Tobolsky Provincial Statistical Committee. Economic geography - Directories - Тобольская губерния - Нач. 20 in .. 2. Tobolsk province - Economic geography - Directories.
ББК 059
Source of the electronic copy: The Tyumen BSS
Publisher Губ. тип. Тип. губ. управления
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