Monument to the Tsar-Liberator Emperor Alexander II. Monument to Tsar Liberator of Emperor Alexander II


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Monument to the Tsar-Liberator Emperor Alexander II. rus
Monument to the Emperor Alexander the Tsar-Liberator [Izomaterial] = Monument de Czar-le Liberateur Empereur Alexandre II: species photography. - Kiiv, [the beginning. XX century.]. - Phototype; 19.5x28; 13,9x19,5. - (Views of Kiev). - From the photograph of Gudshaon and Gubchev. - The image is horizontal. - General view of the monument from the side of Tsarska Square against the background of the Kupechesky Garden .
1. Ximenez, Ettore (1855-1926). Emperor Alexander II monument - Photos. 2. Territory of Russia (collection). 3. Architectural photographs.
1. city. 2. phototype. 3. Monument
BBK 85.163 (4Ukr-2Kyiv) y61
BBK 63.3 (28-8Kie-2Kyiv) 53n61
ББК 63.3 (4Укр-2Киев) 53я61
The monument was erected in 1911 on Tsarska Square, next to the building of the Merchant Assembly. Its author is the Italian sculptor E. Ximenez. The monument was created in connection with the 50th anniversary of the abolition of serfdom. Money for the construction of the monument was collected on the All-Russian subscription (200 thousand rubles). The multi-figure work had three pedestals. Above, on the central, is the bronze figure of the emperor in full growth in the mantle draped over his shoulders. The central pedestal was decorated with the emblem of the Russian Empire - a two-headed eagle and a laconic inscription: "The grateful Southwest region to the liberator-king. 1911 ". On the lower pedestal there is a bas-relief depicting peasants who thank for the abolition of serfdom. On the sides of the pedestals were installed sculptural compositions of Mercy and Justice. All three pedestals were united by a wide pediment with bas-reliefs depicting individual moments of life and activity of the emperor.
Source of electronic copy: National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine
Location of original material: National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine
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