Resettlement beyond the Urals

Resettlement beyond the Urals: reference book for walkers and settlers for 1909: with a road map of Asian Russia / ed. Migration Management. - St. Petersburg. : A type. F. Weissberg and P. Gershunin, 1909. -112 pp., [6] pp., [1]. kart. : tab. -
On the region. and tit. L.: "With special attention, read pp. 3-8.Turkestan and the Caucasus relocation is closed."
I. Resettlement Management. Demographics - Statistical Materials - Migration Movement - Directories - Travel Guides - Russia - Siberia - Far East - 1909.
ББК 312
ББК 31
Source of the electronic copy: The Tyumen BSS
Publisher Тип. Ф. Вайсберга и П. Гершунина
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