The Complete Works of Konstantin Sergeyevich Aksakov.T. 1. Works historical

Aksakov Stanislavski (1817-1860)Complete works Stanislavski Aksakova - (2nd ed, Ext) -Moscow: Univ type, 1889- - 23 cm -Zagli region: Cochineniya KC AksakovAmateur Zagli volume on fin tit lAksakov Stanislavski (1817-1860) - a philologist, linguist, historian, poet In the public life of Russia 40 - 50-ies of the XIX century is known as one of the ideologists of the socio-political positions Slavophiles ( "Russian Education", "Moscow Party") The author of "Moscow collection" (1846, 1847, 1852) and the magazine "Russian conversation" (1856-1860) In 1857 an unofficial editor of the newspaper "Rumor" The creator of the original teaching of the language a number of works devoted to the history of the Slavs developed the concept of "land and the state"Of central importance is the theme of the identity of Russian culture and historyand Among the major works: "Lomonosov in the history of Russian literature and Russian language" (master's thesis, 1846);"The ancient way of life of the Slavs in general and in particular the Russian" (1852);"The Knights of Grand Prince Vladimir of Times" (1856);"History of Russia since ancient times" (1856);"Review of Modern Literature" (1857);"The experience of synonyms: the public - the people" (1857), the complete works of Publication KC Aksakov was launched in 1860, edited and with Aksakov (t 2, 1875 t 3, 1880) works devoted to the country's history, and that includes for the firstthat caused the greatest public interest with this in mind has been prepared reprint with additions Material is grouped into three sections: the general nature of the work (the main part is a polemical tone);special studies (in the strict thematic framework, mainly - Ancient Rus);"Different small articles and notes" Rounding out the text of the book, which clearly stand out from the third row This "Letter to the Emperor Alexander II and the note on the internal state of Russia", "Supplement to the note of the internal state of Russia" and "The value of capital"1 People (collection) 2 Russian language (collection) 3 Russian Literature - 19 4 Russian - HistoryLBC 633 (2) ya44electronic copy Source: RSLThe storage location of the original: RSLT 1: Historical Works / ed ed & C Aksakov - 1889 -652 to -I Aksakov Ivan Sergeyevich (1823-1886) 1 in the people of Russia (collection) 2 Russian - HistoryBBK 633 (2) ya44electronic copy Source: RSLThe storage location of the original: RSL
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