True Russian

True Russian: textbook: approved by the All-Union Committee for Higher School Affairs under the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR as a textbook for historical faculties, universities and pedagogical institutes / [the text of Pravda is prepared for publication by NF Lavrov; responsible editor of Acad. BD Grekov]; Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Institute of History. - Moscow; Leningrad: Publishing House of the USSR Academy of Sciences, 1940. - 112 pp., [2] inc. l. fax: ill., tab. ; 22 cm. -
List of references: p. 93-96 and in footnotes. - Pointers: p. 97-112.
I. Grekov, Boris Dmitrievich (1882-1953). II. Lavrov, Nikolai Fedorovich (1891-1942). III. Institute of History (Moscow) .1. Power (collection). 2. "Russian Truth" (the code of Old Russian law) - Educational editions. 3. Law - History - Russia - Educational publications.
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Publisher Издательство Академии наук СССР
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