Russia's expanses in color photography

Russia's expanses in color photography: The Album of Photographs / Karl Bulla Historical Photography Foundation, Presidential Library; [authors of the idea: AP Vershinin, VV Sidorin, VE Elbek]. - St. Petersburg: Carl Bulla Historical Photography Foundation: Presidential Library, 2016. -174, [1] p. : color. yl. ; 16Х24 cm. -
The text is parallel in Russian and English.
The album features photographs of SM Prokudin-Gorsky from the Presidential Library. -200 copies. -ISBN 978-5-905273-87-2 .
I. Vershinin, Alexander Pavlovich (Doctor of Law, 1957-). II. Sidorin, Valentin Valentinovich. III. Elbek, Valentin Evgenievich (1937-). IV. Prokudin-Gorsky, Sergei Mikhailovich (1863-1944). V. Fund of historical photography named after Karl Bulla (St. Petersburg). VI. Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg) .1. Prokudin-Gorsky, Sergei Mikhailovich (1863 - 1944) - Albums. 2. Territory (collection). 3. The people (the collection). 4. Prokudin-Gorsky (collection). 5. Russia in the faces (collection). 6. Russia - History - con. 19 - beginning. 20 centuries. - Albums. 7. Documentary photographs.
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ISBN 978-5-905273-87-2
Publisher Фонд исторической фотографии имени Карла Буллы Президентская библиотека
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