The Irtysh guide

Guide to the Irtysh / ed. connected Zapad. Sib. steamship owners; comp. LS Ushakov; Photos. I. Shuster, AN Sedelnikov, LS Ushakov and others - Tyumen; Ekaterinburg: Type. L. V. Sharavieva, 1911. -XVIII, 234 pp., [1], p. kart. : ill. -
Comp. indicated on the back of the add. tit. l.
Bibliogr. on the back dop. tit. l.
I. Sedelnikov, A.N. II. Shuster, And .. III. Ushakov, L.S. Shipping - Guidebooks - Irtysh, river.
ББК 91 (С18)
Source of the electronic copy: The Tyumen BSS
Publisher Тип. Л. В. Шаравьевой
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