Guide to Russian trade ports

Guide to Russian merchant ports: reference book on the subjects of trading navigation and ports / were: M.Ya. Murinov, B. A. Suvorov. - The publication is unofficial. St. Petersburg: printing house of the Deaf-mute College, 1905. -704 p. Sec. pag. ; 19 cm. -
Ed. unofficial.
I. Murinov, Mikhail Yakovlevich. II. Suvorov, Boris Alexandrovich. The Russian state and economy (collection). 2. Economics - Economic History - Russia - early. XX century. - Sea transport - Seaport - Reference. 3. Russia.
ББК У03 (2) 530.374.610.3я2
ББК 65.374.6-03 (2) я2
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Location of original copy: РГБ
Publisher типография Училища глухонемых
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