Traveling to the Crimea and Constantinople in 1786 Miladi Kraven,

  Kraven, Elizabeth  (1750-1828).    
Traveling to the Crimea and Constantinople in 1786 Miladi Kraven: In which she describes part of France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey, her stay in St. Petersburg and Moscow, describes those people she saw, makes historical and geographical description of the Crimea, from the beginning of its foundation to conquering the Russian state; describes part of the European and Aziyat Turkey, some islands of the Archipelago and the remains of the glorious Greek city of Athens; makes a true and curious description of the glorious Antiparosque cave, which we do not yet have descriptions in Russian, and finishes our journey, returning through Bulgaria, Walachia and Transylvania to Vienna / Translation from French [D.Runich]. - Moscow: Dependent on the transfer: Univ. type., in Ridiger and Claudia, 1795. - VIII, 524, [1] p. ; 8. - SK XVIII 3207 .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Crimea (Ukraine) - Descriptions and pathways English - 18 in .. 3. Constantinople, city - Description and travel English - 18 in .. 4. Europe - Descriptions and travel English - 18 ..
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Publisher Иждивением переводившаго Унив. тип., у Ридигера и Клаудия
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