A Journey Through Various Provinces of the Russian State // AN Radishchev: Studies and Comments


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Pallas, Peter Simon (1741-1811).    
Journey through various provinces of the Russian state: (fragments) / PS Pallas; introductory note and the preparation of the text by SA Vasilieva. -
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// AN Radishchev: research and comments: a collection of scientific papers / Tver State University; edited by M. V. Stroganov, S. A. Vasilieva. -. - 2001. - P. 106-120 .
I. Vasilyeva, S.A.1. Pallas, Peter Simon (1741 - 1811). 2. Pallas, Peter Simon. Expedition (1768-1774). 3. Russia in the faces (collection). 4. Territory (collection). 5. Peter Simon Pallas (collection). 6. Natural and scientific expeditions - Russia - 18th .. 7. Russia - Description and travel - 18th ..
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