Discourse on the time of the baptism of the Russian Grand Duchess Olga


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  Sokolov, Nikolay Ivanovich  (1805-1891).    
Reasoning about the time of baptism of the Russian Grand Duchess Olga: For the award, established by the late Chancellor of the Count, Nikolai Petrovich Rumyantsev / op. The Kiev Theological Academy by student Nikolai Sokolov. - Kiev: In the type. Acad. at the Kievopecher. Lavra, 1832. - 33 p. ; 20 centimeters .
1. Olga (Grand Duchess, -969)
BBC 63.3 (2) 411-08-8 Olga, Sts. led. princess
ББК 86.372д Olga, the princess
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Издательство В тип. Акад. при Киевопечер. лавре
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