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  Spiridov, Matvey Grigorievich  (1751-1829).     rus
Pedigree of the Russian dictionary [Text]: Containing: a historical description of the clans of princes and nobles of Russia and travelers, from where or from whom those genera originated, or left, or about which there is no news; also what other genera from the first occurred, who where where those clans served, in which ranks, in what and in which position did we use, and what kind of services did the fatherland and princes bring to us? with the containment of the same description of those who served in Russia's antiquity; also about foreign; in the service of the Russian ex. : Selected, written out and compiled from many chroniclers, rostovannyh, sedate, article, historical and others in Russian, available and relating to the Russian history, both already printed and from written books. / Published and diligently brought to the noble Russian nobility Matvey Spiridov. - Moscow: Univ. type., in V. Okorokov, 1793 .- 8 ° sm. - Dictionary of the state. with the participation of MM Shcherbatov SK XVIII Preface. (S. III-CXLIV) contains a list of sources used (man-hours and stamps) and the following articles: I. Indication of the reign of Russian princes. II. About nobility or nobility. III. On the army, ranks and positions of their [explanatory dictionary of titles of ranks and posts]. IV. On orders, governments and judicial places [an explanatory dictionary of names]. V. About localism and cases, rewarding and about virtues, our ancestors distinguishing; [Dictionary] (pp. 1-224); Indication of where and from which book is selected and written out in this dictionary (pp. 225-376); Table of Contents and "Error" (pp. I-XIX); Ostroglazov ("Bibliographical Notes") describes the second part of this dictionary .
ББК Т214 (2) -2я2
ББК 63.214 (2) -2я2
Source: RSL
Издательство Унив. тип., у В.Окорокова
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