Russia under Peter the Great

  Fokkerodt, John Gottgolf       rus
Russia under Peter the Great / from the handwritten news of John Gottgolf Fokkerodt and Otton Pleyer per. with him. AN Shemyakin .- Moscow: Univ. a type. (Katkov and K), 1874 .- IV, 122, 21 p. ; 28 cm .- The publication is 2 articles from the Readings in the O-ve of History and Antiquities of the Ross. at Moscow. un-te, 1874, book. 2. In accordance with. 1st: "Russia under Peter the Great" by John Gottgolf Fokkerodt, 2nd stage: "On the current state of public administration in Muscovy." Report of Otton Pleyer in 1710. "The second article has a section. tit. l. .
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Publisher Унив. тип. (Катков и К)
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