Russian figures in portraits engraved by Academician Lavrenti Seryakov. 2nd meeting

Russian figures in portraits engraved by Academician Lavrenti Seryakov: [with brief biographical notes and a list of articles on Russian figures placed in the journal "Russian Antiquities"]. - St. Petersburg: ed. journal. "Russian Antiquities," 1882-1891. - 25 cm .
I. Seryakov, Lavrenty Avksentevich (1824-1881) .1. History. Historical Sciences - Russia - Personalities of State and Social and Political Figures - Album. 2. Art. Art History - Graphics - Engraving - Engraving genres - Portrait engraving - The history of portrait engraving - Russian Federation - Russian portrait engraving - Themes and images - Portraits of Russian figures - Album. 3. Russia.
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ББК 63.3 (2) 5-8я61
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2nd meeting. - 1886. - VIII, 170 p., 38 h. ill., Port. -
Content. materials about: Alexander II, K. Merder, V. Nazimov, book. A. Baryatinsky, V. Zhukovsky, M. Protasov, E. Zhukovskaya, N. Griboedov, N. Pushkin, D. Troshchinsky [and others].
BBC 63.3 (2) 5-8я61
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Publisher ред. журн. "Рус. старина"
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