Russian and foreign travelers of the XVII, XVIII and the first half of the XIX centuries about the Buryat-Mongols


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Girchenko, Vladimir Petrovich (1878-1953).    
Russian and foreign travelers XVII, XVIII and the first half of the XIX century on the Buryat-Mongols / V. Girchenko; Buryat-Mongolian State Research Institute of Language, Literature and History. - Ulan-Ude: State Buryat-Mongolian publishing house, 1939. - 90, [2] p. : ill. - 4000 copies. .
1. Pallas, Peter Simon (1741 - 1811). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Territory (collection). 4. Territory of Russia: Republic of Buryatia (collection). 5. Peter Simon Pallas (collection). 6. Buryat - Historical and ethnographic research. 7. Natural scientific expeditions. 8. Transbaikalia - Description and travel.
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Source of electronic copy: NB Rep. Buryatia
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bulletins: НБ Респ. Buryatia
Издательство Государственное Бурят-Монгольское издательство
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