Russian navigators, Arctic and round-the-world

Lyalina, Maria Andreevna (1880-1910).    
Russian navigators, Arctic and round-the-world: Travel: V. Bering, G. Sarycheva, F.P. f.-Wrangel [and others]: Obrab. by av. their op. M.A. Lyalina. - 2 nd ed. - St. Petersburg: A.F. Devrien, cens. 1898. - [8], 447 p. : ill. ; 22. - (Russian explorers). -
Contents: Two naval expeditions of Captain Commander Bering to the eastern shores of Siberia; The fleet of Captain Sarychev's fleet to the northeastern part of Siberia, the Arctic Ocean and the Eastern Oceans for eight years under the command of Captain Billings's fleet of 1785-1793; A trip along the northern shores of Siberia and the Arctic Sea, committed by Ferdinand F. Wrangel in 1820-24; Four-time journey of Count Fyodor Petrovich Litke to Novaya Zemlya; Two-time journey of Lieutenant Pakhtusov to the New Earth; The journey of Baron Adolf Eric Nordenskiöld; The first voyage of Russians around the world under the leadership of IF Kruzenstern in 1803-1806; Two-time exploration in the Southern Arctic Ocean and the sailing around the world of Captain-Lieutenant Bellingshausen.
I. Wrangel, Ferdinand Petrovich (1796 / 97-1870). II. Sarychev, Gabriel Andreevich (1763-1831). III. Bering, Vitus Jonassen (1681-1741). IV. Bering, Ivan Ivanovich (1684-1741) .1. Development of the Arctic (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Russian navigators - 19 in .. 4. Round-the-world voyages Russian - 19 in .. 5. Arctic - Studies - History - Russia.
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