Russian archive. G. 23 1885, [book. 2], 6

Russian archive: a historical and literary collection published at the Chertkov Library. - Moscow: University Press (Katkov and Co.), 1863-1917. -
The publication was discontinued in 1917 for No. 2/3.
Another title also: Russian archive published by Peter Bartenev.
"Russian archive" is a historical and literary collection published in Moscow from 1863 to 1917 the Chertkov Library. It was founded by Peter Ivanovich Bartenev - historian and literary critic, director of the Chertkov Library. The collection was published with numbers (notebooks), 12 issues per year. Numbers were combined in books, the number of numbers in the book in different years was different: 2, 3, 4. Annual issue books were sometimes reprinted. The pages of the "Russian Archive" published archival documents and materials reflecting the history of Russia XVIII-XIX centuries, literary works, memoirs .
I. Bartenev, Peter Ivanovich (1829-1912). II. The Chertkov Library (Moscow) .1. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 2. Russia - History - Collections.
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G. 23 1885, [book. 2], 6. - 1885. - With.: 161-336. -
From the content: Four notes of Count N. N. Muraviev on the North-Western Territory (1830-1865). To Notes of the Count MN Murav'ev / note. his brother Andrei Nikolaevich. Nekrasov's poems to Count MN Muraviev in the Petersburg English Club on April 27, 1865 (scans 3-45) [and other works]. - Bibliography in footnotes and in the text.
1. Muraviev, Mikhail Nikolayevich (1796 - 1866) - Collections. 2. Power (collection). 3. The people (the collection). 4. MN Muravyov (collection). 5. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 6. Russia - Politics and Governance - North-West Region - 2nd floor. 19th century. - Collections. 7. Russia - Politics and management - 19th century. - Collections. 8. Russia - History - Collections.
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