Russian encyclopedic dictionary, published by Professor N. Berezin, professor of St. Petersburg University. U - F.H. Ts. Ch


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Russian encyclopaedic dictionary, published by professor of St. Petersburg University I. N. Berezin  .- St. Petersburg: type. t-va "Public benefit", 1873-1880  .- 28 cm
U-F.H. Ts. Ch .- 1878.- [6], XX, 638 p. .- Ex. MFN (101/1873): def.: No end of the table of contents .
ББК Я20 (28)
Source: RSL
Storage: FB D 27/73; CSB CSB; FB U 129/17; FB S 96/64
Издательство Тип. Т-ва "Общественная польза"
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