Collected Works of K.D. Kavelina. 4. Ethnography and jurisprudence

  Kavelin, Konstantin Dmitrievich  (1818-1885).    
Collected Works of K.D. Kavelina: T. 1-4 . - St. Petersburg: type. M.M. Stasyulevich, 1897-1900
T. 4: Ethnography and jurisprudence: [studies, essays and notes KD Kavelin] / with a note. prof. DA Korsakova. - 1900. - VI p., 1348 stb. - List of works and articles by KD Kavelin in chronological order: stb. 1325-1336. - List of articles about KD Kavelin: stb. 1337-1348. - The life of the Russian people; The history of Russian law and legislation; Civil law and jurisprudence in general; Civil Code .
1. The people (the collection). 2. Power (collection). 3. Law - History - Russia - Collections. 4. Peoples of Russia - Historical and Ethnographic Studies - Collections.
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