Collection of works by Sergei Mikhailovich Solovyov

Soloviev, Sergei Mikhailovich (1820-1879).    
Collected works of Sergei Mikhailovich Solovyov. - St. Petersburg: Publication of the Association "Public Benefit", [1901]. - [4] p., 1616 stb. ; 27 cm. -
Contains chapters: History of the fall of Poland; Emperor Alexander I; The beginning of the Russian land; Ancient Russia; A glance at the history of the establishment of state order in Russia before Peter the Great; Historical letters; The Eastern question; Progress and religion; Public readings about Peter the Great; Observations on the historical life of peoples; Writers of Russian history of the XVIII century; N. M. Karamzin and his "History of the Russian State"; A. L. Shletser; Shletser and antihistorical direction. - Bibliography in footnotes. - A copy of the GPIB from the books of Lev Eduardovich Bukhgeim.
1. Karamzin, Nikolai Mikhailovich (1766 - 1826). "History of the Russian state" 2. People (collection) 3. Power (collection) 4. Russia and countries of the world (collection) 5. NM Karamzin (collection) 6. Russia - History - 17 - 19th centuries .. 7. Countries of the East - History - 15th - 19th centuries .. 8. European countries - History - 16th - 18th centuries.
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Publisher Издание Товарищества "Общественная польза"
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