Collection of poems by the Decembrists. T. 1

Collection of poems by the Decembrists
T. 1 / Ed. I.I. Fomina. - M.: Pechatnia A.I. Snegireva, 1906. -271 with .. -
Content: Decembrists / Tan; To Siberia / Pushkin AS; KF Ryleev; Rileyev / Konchins N.; The poems of KF Ryleev; AI Odoevsky; In memory of the book. A. I. Odoyevsky / M. Lermontov; The message of A. S. Griboedov to the book. A. I. Odoyevsky; Poems Odoevsky; A. A. Bestuzhev-Marlinsky.
1. The people (the collection). 2. Russia in the faces (collection). 3. Decembrists in the history of Russia (collection). 4. Russian poetry - the 19th century. - Collections.
BBC 84 (2 = 411.2) 52-5я43
Source of electronic copy: Tyumen 'ONB
Location on the original: Тюменская ОНБ
Publisher печатня А.И. Снегиревой
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