Events in Petrograd in 1918

Events in Petrograd in 1918: [fragments of newsreels / President. b-ka im. Boris N. Yeltsin; red.-sost. TI Dyakonova]. - Electron. Dan. (1 video file: 21.8 MB). - St. Petersburg: Presidential Library. Boris N. Yeltsin, 2011. -
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Загл. from the accompanying document.
Duration: 3 minutes 29 seconds. Ч.-б.
Date and place: Petrograd, 1918.
The film is a set of scenes depicting the events of 1918 in Petrograd. In the frame: VI Lenin in the study, AV Lunacharsky in the garden, N. V. Krylenko on the embankment of the river. Moika, VA Antonov-Ovseyenko, Ya. M. Sverdlov. Caption: "The counter-revolution united around the Constituent Assembly." In the frame: in the streets of Petrograd in the winter of 1918 (leaflets, passers-by, spontaneous rallies, curbstones with announcements, cabmen on sleds are scattered and scattered). The caption: "The henchmen of the bourgeoisie were agitating against the power of the Soviets." In the frame: Meetings. Captions: "The soldiers of the belligerent armies marched on the fronts." In the frame: fraternization, the soldiers change their hats, the transponder "Proletarians of all countries unite! Long live the International!". Captions: "In an effort to create a respite, the Soviet Government began peace talks in Brest-Litovsk," the Austrian delegation. " In the frame: members of the Austrian delegation. The caption: "The respite was created by the price of the" peace treaty. "In the frame: The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in 1918 .
I. Dyakonova, Tatiana Ivanovna. II. Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg). 1. Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich (1870 - 1924) - Newsreel. 2. Lunacharsky, Anatoly Vasilyevich (1875 - 1933) - Newsreel. 3. Krylenko, Nikolai Vasilyevich (1885 - 1938) - Newsreel. 4. Antonov-Ovseenko, Vladimir Alexandrovich (1884 - 1939) - Newsreel. 5. Sverdlov, Yakov Mikhailovich (1885 - 1919) - Newsreel. 6. Power (collection). 7. Brest Peace - 1918 - Newsreel. 8. Russia - History - 1918 - Newsreel. 9. Petrograd, the city - History - 1918 - Newsreel. 10. Historical documentaries.
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