Lists of the inhabited places of the Saratov province. Kamyshinsky district

Lists of the inhabited places of the Saratov province. Kamyshinsky district / Estimating and statistical department of the Saratov Gubernskaya Zemstvo Administration. - Saratov, [1912]. - 42 seconds. + adj. [1] l. kart. - In adj .: Schematic map of Kamyshinsky district of Saratov province. - From contents: Settlements on peasant allotment land. Volosts: Antipov, Akhmat, Bannovskaya, Burlukskaya, Verkhne-Dobrinskaya, Guselskaya, Ershov, Zolotovskaya, Ilovlinskaya, Kamenskaya, Kamyshinskaya, Kotovskaya, Krasnoyarskaya, Lemeshkina, Linevo-Ozerskaya, Lopukhovskaya, Nizhne-Dobrinskaya, Norka, Oleshinskaya, Rudnyanskaya, Salamatinskaya, Semenovskaya, Sosnovskaya, Tarasovskaya, Topovskaya, Ust-Kulalinskaya; Information about bazaars and fairs .
1. Volgograd region: pages of history (collection). 2. Russia - History - 1911 - Statistical sources. 3. Volgograd Region - Kamyshin - Zhirnovsk - Rudnya. 4. Saratov Province - Kamyshinsky Uyezd.
ББК 63.3 (28-8Sar-5Kamyshinsky district) 533y13
The brochure contains statistical data on the number of settled and temporary residents of the Saratov gubernia, the age and sex composition of the population, literacy, occupations, the settlements of the province, as well as information on the newly formed settlements. Here is a complete list of all the institutions available in each village: the Orthodox Church, prayer houses of other confessions, educational institutions of various types, postal institutions, medical institutions, as well as information on bazaars and fairs. Are taken into account sowing areas and distribution of a sowing area on separate cultures; the number of livestock and the number of improved agricultural implements in peasant settlements and other information collected by the Department of Statistics of the Provincial Administration directly through the Volost Board in 1911; information of the Provincial Presence collected by the zemstvo commanders in 1912; current information, delivered by agents of zemsky insurance.
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