Steppe Code (Basic Law) of the Republic of Kalmykia


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    Republic of Kalmykia. The Constitution (1994).
Steppe Code (Basic Law) of the Republic of Kalmykia: [text]. - Elista, 1994. - [1], 12 years old. -
Ver. also on Kalmyk.
Archival copy.
On each sheet of stamps: "Copy is true", "Director of State Institution" National Archive of the RK. "
I. The Republic of Kalmykia. Stepnoye Ulozhenie.1. Kalmykia, Republic. Step code (Basic Law). 2. Power (collection). 3. Constitution - Basic Law. The Constitution of the Subjects of the Russian Federation (collection). 4. The Republic of Kalmykia: pages of history (collection). 5. The territory of Russia: The Republic of Kalmykia (collection).
BBK 67.400.11 (2Ros.Kal), 02
Source of the electronic copy: FSO of Russia
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