Story and command // Russian reporter. 2014, No. 45 (373) (November 20-27)


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Milchin, Constantine    
Build and command: a rotating tower, a palace instead of a temple, a road to nowhere and other unfinished projects / text: Konstantin Milchin; photos: Afanasy Makovnev, Alexei Zarubin, Oleg Vlasov. - (Culture). -
Before the text: Architecture: projects that were not implemented.
RIA Novosti photos: The city of Moscow's watering system designed by Avdeev (Anovy); The connection of the Volga with the Moscow River. Moscow: Mosgorispolkoma Publishing House, 1932, [and others].
Copying this resource is not allowed. // Russian reporter. - 2014, No. 45 (373) (20-27 November). - 2014. - P. 46-51 .
I. Makovnev, Athanasius. Transpolar backbone. 2. The Palace of Soviets. Moscow. 3. Territory (collection). 4. Power (collection). 5. Buildings - Planning and construction - USSR. 6. St. Petersburg, city - Planning and construction. 7. Ohta (St. Petersburg, city) - History. 8. Moscow, city - Reconstruction - General plan.
BBC 63.3 (2) 6-7
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