Tobolsk diocesan lists. 1909, No. 3

Tobolsk Diocesan Gazette: a magazine published by the Tobolsk Diocesan Brotherhood . - Tobolsk, 1882-1919
1909, No. 3: with the application. - 80 s. Sec. pag. - Ver. 1-st adj .: .: School sheet at Tobolsk. diocesan. Vedomosti 1909, No. 3; zagl. 2nd sentence: Report of the Tobolsk Diocesan Brotherhood of St. Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica for 1907-1908. - Content: Addition to this number is official. Parts: List of vacant seats in the churches of the Tobolsk diocese by Jan. 24. 1909 .
1. Tobolsk Diocese - History - Periodicals. 2. Territory of Russia (collection).
BBK 86.372 (28-8Tob) I52
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