Traditions and customs of Chechens as ethno-pedagogical principles of education of the younger generation

Sarakaeva, Aza Khamzatovna    
Traditions and customs of Chechens as ethnopedagogical principles of upbringing of the younger generation: the author's abstract of the dis. ... candidate of pedagogical sciences: 13.00.01 / Sarakaeva Aza Khamzatovna; [Place of protection: North-Osset. state. un-t them. K.L. Khetagurov]. - Vladikavkaz, 2013. - 22 p. .
1. The people (the collection). 2. Territory (collection). 3. General pedagogy, the history of pedagogy and education.
BKK 63.521 (= 603.111) -7я031
BBK 74.04 (2Ros.Chech) 64я031
BBK 74.247.1я031
BBK 74.100.25я031
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