The decree on reporting to the Senate and its Imperial Majesty [if the collegia in two equal cases discern the different Senate ...

    Russia. The Empress (1762-1796, Catherine II).
Decree on reporting to the Senate and its Imperial Majesty, [if the collegium is seen in two equal cases, different Senate decisions]. - In St. Petersburg: Under the Senate, 9 Sept. 1765. - [2] p. ; 2 ° (32 cm). -
Add. to: Manifesto on the general demarcation of lands throughout the empire [with the annexes of the rules, the data of the Survey Commission and the register on prices for the sale of land]. - [Sankt-Petersburg, Sept. 20, 1765].
I. Catherine I (Empress of Russia, 1729-1796) .1. Russia. Senate - Activities - Legal acts. 2. Power (collection). 3. Collegia - Russia - Legal acts. 4. Highest decrees.
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