Royal Majesty decree from the Senate

      Russia. The Emperor  (1682-1725, Peter I).
Imperial Majesty decree from the Senate: [On the forgiveness of wines to convicts and pits, except for killing and robbers]. - Published in St. Petersburg: In the Senate Chancellery, on 8 November. [1721]. - 3 s. - Out. Dan. are indicated under M.P. - The size of the set is 225x130 mm. - At the end of the text to the right of M.P.: His Majesty the merciful decree, the ruling Senate signed, November 4 days, 1721. - Decree of Peter I on Nov. 4. 1721 - The text begins with the words: On the 19th of October, 1721, the king's majesty being in the Senate, was pleased to announce his will as follows: at the end of the last heavy and long-drawn-out warrior, he has many times defeated with victories ... - PSZ. T.6. - SK 1708-1725 .
1. Power (collection). 2. Amnesty - Russia - 1721 - Legal acts. 3. Highest ordinances.
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