Drawing of the land of the Ilim city. The drawing book of Siberia, compiled by the son of Tobolsk boyar Semyon Remezov in 1701

Drawing of the land of the Ilimsk city [Maps] = Caert van het Landt en Stadt Ylymscoy: sheet [16]. - [B. m-ba] .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Ust-Ilimsk, city (Irkutsk region) - Geography - early 18th c. - Maps. 3. Geographic maps.
ББК 26.89 (2Рос-4Ирк-2Усть-Илимск) 5я64
Source of electronic copy: Irkutsk OGUNB
Location on the original: Иркутская ОГУНБ
Publisher Археографическая комиссия
Catalogue object
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