"Alternative" Yu Semenov as a cycle of political novels

Aronova, Tavriz Ignatovna    
"Alternative" Yu. Semenov as a cycle of political novels: (problems, heroes, genre): the dissertation author's abstract on the competition of a scientific degree of Candidate of Philology: specialty 10.01.02 / Aronova Tavriz Ignatovna; Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. VI Lenin, Specialized Council K.113.08.11. - Moscow, 1986. - 16 p. -
List of references: p. 16 (2 names).
1. Semenov, Julian Semenovich (1931 - 1993). Compositions - Abstracts of dissertations. 2. Russian language (collection). 3. Yu. S. Semenov (collection). 4. Russian Soviet literature - Abstracts of dissertations. 5. Political novel - Abstracts of dissertations. 6. Soviet multinational literature.
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