Election of the President of the Russian Federation of 1996

Lyutikov, Mikhail Yurievich (candidate of historical sciences).    
Elections of the President of the Russian Federation in 1996: the author's abstract of the thesis for the degree of candidate of historical sciences: specialty 07.00.02 "Patriotic History" / Lyutikov Mikhail Yurievich; [S.-Petersburg. state. electrotechnical. un-t "LETI" them. IN AND. Ulyanov (Lenin)]. - St. Petersburg, 2015. - 26 p. ; 21 cm. -
Location of protection: St. Petersburg. state. un-t. - List of works avt .: p. 25-26 (6 names). - Bibliograf. in a substring. note
1. Power (collection). 2. Chronicle of the formation of the institution of presidential power in the Russian Federation (collection). 3. Patriotic history. 4. Presidential elections - Russian Federation - 1996 - Abstracts of dissertations.
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Source of the electronic copy: St. Petersburg State University. Website
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