To the history of sermons and writings of Innokentiy, Archbishop of Kherson

To the history of sermons and writings of Innokentii, Archbishop of Kherson / [Foreword. N. Barsova and letters to Innokentiy F.A. Golubinsky, John (Sokolov), Bishop of Smolensk and Protopriest I.S. Kochetova, G.P. Pavsky and Theophil Novitsky. - St. Petersburg]: type. F. Eleonsky and Co., censorship. 1886. - 30 p. ; 22. -
From the "Christian reading" for 1886 .. - Without the tit. l. and region
I. Kochetov, Joachim Semenovich (1789-1854). II. Pavsky, Gerasim Petrovich (1787-1863). III. Novitsky, Theophilus Markovich. IV. Innocent (Borisov, Ivan Alekseevich, 1800-1857). V. John (Sokolov, Vladimir Sergeevich, 1818-1869). VI. Golubinsky, Fedor Alexandrovich (1797-1854). VII. Sokolov, Vladimir Sergeevich (1818-1869). VIII. Borisov, Ivan Alekseevich (1800-1857).
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A 206/1370
Publisher Тип. Ф. Елеонского и К°
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