Memorial "Militia" (Pushkin, St. Petersburg)

Gulyakin, Valery Nikolayevich (photographer, 1959-).    
Memorial "Militia" (Pushkin, St. Petersburg) [Isoformal: electronic resource]: [album of photographs] / photo of VN Gulyakin. - Electronic graphic data (41 file: 253.5 MB). - Pushkin, September 28, 2013. - (Green Belt of the Glory of Leningrad). -
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The militia "Militia" was opened on November 4, 1966 in the district the former command post of one of the mouths of the 189th Infantry Division. It is built by the workers of the Oktyabrsky district of Leningrad on the western outskirts of Pushkin, on the bank of the Kuzminki River. The compositional center of the memorial complex is a monumental stele, reminiscent of an unfurled banner. The height of the stele is 12 meters. All elements are made of concrete. The stele depicts the defenders of Leningrad. To the stele is a platform, laid out with slabs of concrete and cut through by a strip of green lawn. The entrance to the site is accentuated by a powerful horizontal block with an inscription from the consignment letters: "To the soldiers of the army and navy and the people's militia from the working people of Leningrad, November 1966". From the southwest, the site is limited by antitank bastards. 15 of them are punctured and torn pieces of armor with the numbers of the military units of the 42nd Army and the Baltic Fleet, which opposed the German-fascist troops on these lines. The alley from the main stele goes deep into the memorial to the restored positions and trenches. Here, the defense area was restored with trenches and dugouts over which a granite block with a board with a board mounted therein with text: "From here in January 1944, the troops of the 110th Rifle Corps launched an offensive on the liberation of Leningrad from the enemy blockade." Architects VA Sidorov, FA Enikeev, VA Neverov, VP Boytsov; sculptors EV Cherkasov, IA Syroezhkin. The memorial is included in the complex of memorial structures "Green Belt of Glory". Location: St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Petersburg Highway, 16. Materials used: "Citywalls" (URL:; "Wikipedia" (URL: (memorial)) .
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