Semantic analysis of information war in politics

  Kuchumov, Dmitry Olegovich      
Semantic analysis of the information war in politics: (on the example of the Ossetian-Ingush conflict): author's abstract. dis. to the soisk. scientist. step. Cand. polit. Sciences: specialty 23.00.02 / Kuchumov Dmitry Olegovich; [South. feder. un-t]. - Rostov-on-Don, 2007. - 26 p. ; 21. - Bibliography: p. 25-26 (7 names). - 100 copies. .
1. Power (collection). 2. Territory of Russia (collection). 3. Information wars (polit.) - Russian Federation - Abstracts of dissertations. 4. Ossetian-Ingush conflict - Abstracts of dissertations.
BBC 66.3 (2Ros), 54y031
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