Lighting. [G. 1] 1858, No. 5

Lighting: an art magazine published by the artist Auger. - G. [1] -2. - St. Petersburg, 1858-1859. -
Before the text: Lighting. Art magazine. Fine Arts and Literature.
Printed in the printing house of Karl Metzig (1858, No. 1-5), L. Demis (1858, No. 6-10 / 11). "Lighting" - an art magazine published in St. Petersburg, Petersburg in the years 1858-1859. The first domestic photographic publication. Monthly. Publishers: since January 1858 - artist G. N. Auger, from the end of 1858 - N. M. Lvov. The magazine published articles about artists, cultural life, essays on foreign and domestic photography, reviews of meetings of foreign photographic societies, reproductions of paintings. A distinctive feature of the publication was the presence of illustrations, in particular - photographic images of many artists of that time were published. The cost of an annual subscription to the magazine was 30 rubles. The materials of the article Golovina OS "Russian photographic periodicals (1858-1918)" are used ( .
I. Auger, Grigory Nikolaevich (1834-?). II. Lvov, Nikolay Mikhailovich (1821-1872) .1. The people (the collection). 2. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 3. Holy Synod (collection). 4. Photography art - Russia - 19 - 20 centuries. -- Periodicals. 5. Fine art reproductions - Periodicals. 6. Fine Arts - History - Periodicals.
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[G. 1] 1858, No. 5. - In the printing house of L. Demis, 1858. - P. 123-143, 4 p. yl. : ill. -
Contains: Van Dick / NS, Academic Exhibition in 1858, Scene of Morals [and other materials]. Paintings (reproductions): Portrait of Van Dyk, from a portrait written by himself; Workshop of Rubens, with a picture of de Keyser; Wil in Northern Italy, chromolithography ak. Semechkina; Three steps of life, lithographic drawing from the album of Annensky.
1. Van Dyck, Antonis (1599 - 1641) - Periodicals. 2. The people (the collection). 3. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 4. Fine art reproductions - Periodicals. 5. Fine Arts - History - Periodicals.
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Publisher В типографии Л. Демиса
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