News of the All-Union Geographical Society. T. 75, vol. 2

      Geographical Society of the USSR (Leningrad).
News of the All-Union Geographical Society. - Moscow; Leningrad, 1940-1991
T. 75, vol. 2: T. 75, vol. 2 / otv. Ed. acad. VL Komarov, deputy. otv. Ed. acad. I. Yu. Krachkovsky. - Moscow; Leningrad: Publishing House of the USSR Academy of Sciences, 1943. - 64 p. : ill. -
On the tit. l. paral. zagl. in English.
From the content: Expeditions V. Bering / AI Andreev (pp. 3-44), etc. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. and at the end of Dep. articles. - 1200 copies. .
1. Russian America (collection).
Electronic copy: PB
Location on the book: Russian Geographical Society
Publisher Изд-во Академии наук СССР
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