John, exarch of the Bulgarian.


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Kalaydovich, Konstantin Fedorovich (1792-1832).    
John, exarch of the Bulgarian. : An investigation explaining the history of Slovene language and literature of the 9th and 10th centuries. : with sixteen engraved images / written by Konstantin Kalaydovich, chief inspector of the Commission for the Printing of State Literatures and Treaties, Moscow Societies: History and Antiquities of Russia, Lovers of Russian Literature, Imperial Tests of Nature and St. Petersburg Volunteers of Russian Literature, a member and a Cavalier. - Moscow: in the printing house of Semyon Selivanovsky, 1824. - [2], V, [3], 218, [6] p., [7] yl. ; 2 ° (38 cm). -
Censor: MG Gavrilov, Dec 10. 1823
There is also an engraved title page with the image of the coat of arms of N. P. Rumyantsev.
At the end of the foreword of the author (pp. III - V): Moscow, May 9, 1823.
Published according to N.P Rumyantsev.
The author's footnotes on p. 85 - 124: Notes.
Illustrations with images of Old Slavic manuscripts, samples of individual letters, samples of handwriting. Engraved with a chisel and dotted AA Florov, partly by the drawings of AM Ratshin, partly from the originals. Samples of the inscription of ancient letters were cut by F. F. Studnichkoi or under his direction.
The circulation of 600 copies
The book was printed from December 13, 1823 to August 23, 1824 (see page [5]). The publication of the book was read as an event (for reviews of the book see: Bezsonov, Kalaydovich, pp. 74-80).
On September 10, 1824, N. P. Rumyantsev with gratitude informed the author about the receipt of a copy of the book. The book was presented to Empress Elizabeth Alekseyevna, Empress Maria Feodorovna and Alexander I. October 13, 1824, the author received from Elizabeth Alexeyevna a golden snuffbox. March 29, 1826, after the death of Alexander I, the author received a diamond ring, granted to him by the emperor.
On p. 125 - 218: Applications. Contain Old Slavonic texts.
I. Ratshin, A.M. II. Rumyantsev, Nikolai Petrovich (diplomat, philanthropist, 1754-1826). III. Florov, Alexander Alexandrovich (about 1788 after 1830). IV. Studnychka, F. F. .. V. Gavrilov, Matvey Gavrilovich (1759 - 1829) .1. John (Exarch of the Bulgarian, 10th century). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Russian language (collection). 4. Russia-Bulgaria: from the history of relationships (collection). 5. Slavic Languages ​​- History.
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