The gold-bearing region of the Chlya-Oryol lakes

Arsentyev, A.V. (1879-g.Alexey Vsevolodovich).    
The gold-bearing region of the Chlya-Orel lakes: Preliminary. report on geological research in 1925: [reported to the saddle. Scientific. Council on May 18, 1926]: (from 1 maps.) / A. Arsentiev. - Vladivostok: Typo-lit. Joseph Korot, 1926. -26 p., 1 p. kart. ; 26 cm. - (Materials on the geology and mineral resources of the Far East) / Geol. Com. Far East, Far East. separation; № 47. -
Without tit. l.
Ver. on the 1 st s. text and res. in English.
Bibliogr. in the note. in the text.
1. The people (the collection). 2. Territory (collection). 3. The point of attraction is the Russian Far East. To the Eastern Economic Forum (collection). 4. Gold ore - Extraction - CCCR - Far East - 1920s. - Documents and materials.
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Publisher Типо-лит. Иосиф Короть
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