Russia in color

Russia in color [Video] / director, [producer]: Vladimir Meletin; [script: Irina Meletina; operators: Vladimir Meletin, Sergei Pchelintsev; installation: Dmitry Kryuchkov; chief consultant: Svetlana Garanina; announcer: Alexander Kotov; composer: Kirill Volkov; in the film take part: Svetlana Garanina, Alexei Loginov, Maria Naryshkina and others; LLC "Art-Nouveau studio", GTRK "Culture"]. - Multimedia electronic publication. - [Moscow]: Art-Nouveau studio, 2010. -1 video (51 min 47 sec): sound, color. -
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View of Russia a century ago in color, viewers of the film can thanks to the unique color photographs of Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorsky - one of the founders of color photography in Russia. In the first decade of the 20th century, SM Prokudin-Gorsky undertook several large-scale photo-expeditions around the Russian Empire; he conceived and partly realized his grandiose project: to capture modern Russia in color photographs. In the 1920s, the collection was taken to France, and then in 1948 it was sold to the Library of Congress, where it is still stored. The documentary tells about the history of the collection, about the activities of SM Prokudin-Gorsky. The historians and relatives of SM Prokudin-Gorsky take part in the painting: Svetlana Garanina, Alexey Loginov, Maria Naryshkina and others .
I. Meletin, Vladimir. II. Meletina, Irina. III. Kryuchkov, Dmitry. IV. Garanina, Svetlana Petrovna. V. Kotov, Alexander. VI. Volkov, Cyril. VII. Pchelintsev, Sergey. VIII. Loginov, Alexey. IX. Naryshkina, Maria. X. "Art Nouveau Studio", Limited Liability Company (Moscow). XI. "Culture", the state television broadcasting company (Moscow) .1. Prokudin-Gorsky, Sergei Mikhailovich (1863 - 1944) - Documentary films. 2. Tolstoy, Lev Nikolaevich (1828 - 1910) - Portraits - Documentary films. 3. Color photography - History - Documentary films. 4. Historical documentaries.
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