Reflections on nature

Maximovich, Mikhail Alexandrovich (1804-1873).    
Reflections on nature / [composition] by Mikhail Maksimovich. - Edition 2, corrected and updated. -Kyiv: printing house I. Valner, 1847. - [2], 158, [1] p. ; 17 cm. -
Contains articles: Plant life (1827); About the flower (1829); On the degrees of life in the earthly world (1831); On the degrees of life and death (1832); On the diversity and unity of matter (1830); On the transformations of the moth (1827); About the Man (1832); On the transitions of the kingdoms of nature (1833); On the transition of the organic world into inorganic (1833); On the dual existence of plants (1833). - A copy of the RSL with a handwritten inscription on the title page: Fedor Vasilievich Chizhov in the recollection of Maximovich.
I. Chizhov, Fedor Vasilyevich (1811-1877) .1. The people (the collection). 2. Natural wealth of Russia (collection). 3. Living nature - Philosophical issues - Collections.
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Publisher типография И. Вальнера
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