Soldiers-Border Guards

Anikushin, Mikhail Konstantinovich (1917-1997).    
Soldiers-frontier guards: [congratulations to MK Anikushin on the 40th anniversary of the border troops]. - [Leningrad, 1958]. -2 sheets, paper. -
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Anikushin Mikhail Konstantinovich - People's Artist of the USSR, member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR, laureate of the Lenin Prize, Chairman of the Board of the Leningrad Branch of the Union of Artists of the RSFSR .
1. Anikushin, Mikhail Konstantinovich (1917 - 1997) - Documents and materials. 2. The USSR. Border troops - Documents and materials. 3. The people (the collection). 4. Russia in the faces (collection). 5. MK Anikushin (collection).
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