Excitions, preparation for march, title and position of regimental ranks,

Exercise, preparation for march, title and positions of regimental ranks, / printed by the command of Emperorskago Majesty.- St. Petersburg: with imp.Acad.Sciences, 1756. - [4], [7], 362-370, 17-175 p.;8 °.-A circulation of one of two edits, dated 1756 - 975 copies, another - 550 copies.Price from 2 p., Depending on the paper variety.Tit.l.and text paral.to rus.And it.Yaz.Rus.Text publ.Also as part of Ed.: "Book Charter of Military" (SPB., 1742);"Article Military with a brief interpretation and with processes" (SPb., 1777, 1780, 1786);"The Charter of the Military on the position of Feldmarshal Generalists ..." (SPb., 1789, 1791, 1793, 1795; M., 1796).SK XVIII.- Book.Sat.83.P.216..I. Academic printing house (Petersburg).Electronic copy source: RGB
Publisher При Имп. Акад. наук
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