Historical essays by F.I. Buslaev on Russian ornaments in manuscripts

Buslaev, Fedor Ivanovich (1818-1897).Historical essays by F. I. Buslaev on Russian ornaments in manuscripts / Edition of the Department of the Russian Language and the literature of the Academy of Sciences.- Petrograd: Printing house of the Academy of Sciences, 1917. -vi, 216 p.: silt.;32 cm. -Us.III-IV: "from the editorial office" / N. Kondakov.Part of the text in several foreign languages.Bibliography in substitution notes.- A copy with handwritten marks..I. Kondakov, Nicodemus Pavlovich (1844-1925).II.Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg).Branch of the Russian language and literature. 1.People (collection).2. The year of the cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia (collection).3. manuscripts - ornament.4. The Russian ornament.BBK 85.157.7Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage location: UrFU
Publisher типография Академии наук
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