Leipzig 1813 - October 4 - 1913

Khrushtitsky, Boris RostislavovichLeipzig 1813 - October 4 - 1913: Anniversary.Leib Cossack Memo / Sost.on the regimental history of the Life Guard of the Cossack and.in.Shelf B.H.- St. Petersburg: T-in R. Golik and A. Vilborg, 1913. -36 p.: Il., Port.;29 cm - -Auth.Reveal by Ed.: B.R.Khreshtitsky.The history of the Life Guard of the Cossack Regiment 1775-1913.St. Petersburg., 1913.Pp. 34-36: "Leipzig heroes. From verse. I. Sh."..I. Cossack Life Guard Regiment.1.People (collection).Electronic Source: PBOriginal Storage Place: Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineering Forces and Communication Troops MO RF
Publisher Т-во Р. Голике и А. Вильборг

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